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Breaking the Ice - Beta Launch

Draper Warren

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Draper Warren

We are inviting select groups of Seton parents onto this site early, mostly the parents active in a few Seton-themed Facebook groups.

At the beginning of September, I intend to broadcast the site to everyone.

The reason I wanted to give some of you early access is that we need help creating useful topics. Right now the site is empty, but you can form the character and feel of this site in its early days by the types of topics you create.

I also wanted to have a smaller group of users on at first so that you can help discover if there are any glitches or incorrect settings on the site. I can also see how you early members use and engage with the site to know if I need to make any changes or perhaps offer better instructions to new members.

Thanks so much for helping us make this new site a success!

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