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  2. That is a great question, to which I do not know the answer. What I have done is created one large (11x13) envelope for each high school course. On the outside I tape a printout of the blank subject assignment/grade page from MySeton. As assignments are completed and graded, they go in the envelope. When the course is done, the envelope goes into a Banker’s box. By graduation the box is full and it goes on the shelf. 1 box!
  3. Marian

    Answer Key Physical Science not in course manual

    Seton gives answer keys to home quizzes/tests, discussion questions, and review questions. Seton does not provide the answers to the test that students submit to Seton for grading. As the teacher, you can provide your student with a study sheet/session of topics that are covered on the test. The study sheet/session should prepare them for the test, not give them the answers.
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  5. Draper Warren

    Handwriting 2 missing pages

    Emailing our Counseling Dept would be best for this kind of thing. They can scan a copy of the page for you. counselors@setonhome.org
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  7. I noticed somehow my child's Handwriting 2 is missing Page 137-138. Could someone possibly upload the 2 pages so I can ensure my child has the proper practice these 2 days. It doesn't have to be perfect, I plan to shift it over onto handwriting tablet paper. Thanks God bless!
  8. Shalom and good day. The answer keys from course manual SC1301_20A is not available in the course manual. Chapter 1 to 16 tests are without the answer keys. Can some please assist?
  9. flygirl

    Algebra 1 test question

    Are students allowed to use a calculator for tests, either saxon or teaching textbooks? thank you
  10. flygirl

    Answer key location - CHEMISTRY

    please help me locate the answer key for the course textbook practice problems? They are not in the lesson plans, those answers are for the practice problems in the lesson plans themselves. thank you
  11. Draper Warren

    Homeschool groups in Spring/Porter, TX?

    If you aren't able to find another family in the area with this topic, once you are enrolled, we have a program where you can request information from Seton to connect with other families in your area who have given us permission to share their information. Seton has many hundreds (actually could be over a thousand now after this year) students in Texas, and I know I have seen Seton families with addresses in Spring, TX. I don't know about the groups situation though, that can be hit or miss and Covid might have caused disruptions too with in-person groups.
  12. My family is moving to Spring/Porter area in TX in June. We are new to TX and new to homeschooling. I am looking for a group of homeschoolers that we can befriend 😊. We are coming from a super small town in Louisiana, where my daughters (12 and 9) attended a small Catholic school for the last 6 years. We are nervous about our move, but are excited to start Seton later this year. Any advice is welcomed!
  13. I am trying to gather material for a small 'portfolio' to maintain at home. For how long after graduation can I access My Seton after graduation to view/print out work samples? How long do academic records remain on file if I need to present anything to a college/university?
  14. MaryC47

    IRISH Home Educators

    Thank you Draper for replying to me. I have followed those steps last week, but as of yet I have no heard anything back from Seton. Thank you Mary
  15. Cindy

    Books to Supplement Grade 5 History

    We don't read from any particular source or style of books. We pick out things that interest my son (also in 5th grade) and delve a little deeper in different topics that interest him. When we reached the part on the Civil War, I gave him the book Raising The Hunley by Brian Hicks and Schuyler Kropf to read (he is an advanced reader). This is fascinating history that so few people know about and I highly recommend it. The CS Hunley was the worlds first submarine to successfully sink an enemy ship, the USS Housatonic. Shortly after sinking the Housatonic, the submarine disappeared. The bo
  16. Cindy

    English 6 paragraphs

    I'm not Seton staff and don't have a child in 6th grade (mine are 4th and 5th) so I don't really know. Maybe call or send an email.... My daughter (who is in 4th) had to do a paragraph in the first quarter from a list of choices. She ended up doing one a little different from what was on the list - she wrote about cheer instead of dance. Since this was her first paragraph, I just let it slide because I wanted her to be comfortable and confident with the topic. When we sent it in, nothing was said about the topic being slightly different and she did make an A. I really believe this little
  17. Draper Warren

    IRISH Home Educators

    For enrolled Families, in the MySeton portal there is a place to sign up for that, both to give permission for your information to be given out, and to receive a list. https://myseton.setonhome.org/SetonFamiliesContact.php However, because protecting families' privacy is of the utmost important, the only families on the list are the ones who have expressly given permission for their information to be shared. I believe we have a couple thousand who have been added to that list, but it still doesn't include most families.
  18. MaryC47

    IRISH Home Educators

    Hi Yvonne I’m from Omagh Co Tyrone . Where are you from? Whats your email? Mary Hi Draper I was wondering if there is a list we can access to make contact with other Seton families. Thank you Mary
  19. Draper Warren

    IRISH Home Educators

    We only have a handful of enrolled students in Ireland so far.
  20. Draper Warren

    Teaching Textbooks Discount Code

    What is we is if you are enrolling in one of our Teaching Textbooks courses, you can pay for the license with us as part of your tuition, and then we would email you a coupon code which covers the full cost of the TT course you need. If you didn't pay for the license with Seton as part of a course enrollment, no, we don't have other coupon or discount codes.
  21. Deb

    Aviation and Space Travel

    Do you have any museum of aviation or a military base in your area you can contact? For example, if you live in Georgia, there is the Museum of Aviation at Warner Robins AFB. They offer field trips and programs for home school starting in elementary. My son was able to go there and use a simulator. Currently, they are offering live virtual field trips. I would contact any aviation museum to ask what they have available online. You can also go to NASA's website. They have free educational material available. Here are some links: NASA Kids' Club | NASA Explore NASA STEM | NASA
  22. Mary

    Aviation and Space Travel

    My 3rd grade daughter is very interested in being a pilot and space travel. In addition to the Seton Science courses, she has completed 2 years of Astronomy using the Apologia Astronomy book. She also reads the textbook by Apologia in her free reading time. I am shocked at her knowledge, understand and memory of Astronomy. She tells me she wants to be a pilot. Is there some type of program I can enroll her in or computer simulation, so she can learn about aviation? Maybe she can learn about the pilot’s controls and aviation map reading. She would really enjoy this. Thank you.
  23. Thank you so much. I was wondering if I was overlooking something. It would be helpful if Audible listed who the translators were. I really appreciate you answering my question.
  24. Mary

    Teaching Textbooks Discount Code

    Does Seton offer a Teaching Textbooks discount code? Thank you.
  25. Audible doesn't list who the translators are, so there would be no way to know. It probably doesn't matter too much, so I would just pick one of the free (included with subscription) ones to save money.
  26. Sean OConnor

    Beowulf Assignment - English 12

    Hello Deb, We apologize for the confusion. There are not keys for the "For Discussion" questions for Beowulf since many of the questions cover content that is assessed in the graded Exercise submitted to Seton. This is the reason why the lesson plans do not assign the student to answer those questions. I have highlighted this lack of clarity to Curriculum Development, and we will make sure to make this clearer to avoid future confusion in newer revisions of the course. -- Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance. God bless you and your family, Sea
  27. Hello, Thank you for helping to answer this question. It would be nice to supplement my daughter’s reading with the same book on Audible. There are 22 different versions/translations. I would like it to be exactly the same as the book. Do you know which one is correct? None listed match the book cover we have from Seton. Thank you.
  28. Mary

    Teaching Textbooks for 8th Grader

    Thank you for being detailed in your reply. I will order Pre-Algebra.
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